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B2W Track

B2W Track

Semmel Excavating provides reliable, efficient, and quality excavation services to customers throughout the Lehigh Valley. To ensure that we maintain the highest standards of service, we use B2W Track, the leading construction software for heavy civil contractors.

B2W Track allows us to:

  • Streamline our process

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Generate accurate job cost estimates

  • Track labor and equipment costs

  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations 


Semmel Excavating is a full-service site development and excavation company that provides clients with the utmost quality and efficiency. To ensure that our projects are completed with the highest degree of precision, Semmel Excavating utilizes AGTEK, a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps streamline our daily operations. With AGTEK, Semmel Excavating is able to manage the entire project lifecycle, from estimating and bidding to design and construction, all in one place. 

AGTEK allows us to: 

  • Access real-time project data

  • Track project costs

  • Generate accurate reports

  • Manage the entire project lifecycle




Semmel Excavating is dedicated to providing the best services for our clients. We use Planswift to help us streamline our excavation projects and ensure that our work is completed promptly and efficiently. Planswift is industry-leading software that allows us to accurately estimate the cost of a project, track progress, and plan out all activities. 

Planswift allows us to: 

  • Accurately estimate the cost of a project

  • Plan our all project activities

  • Streamline our excavating projects

  • Ensure that our work is completed with the highest quality

Trimble Surveying

Trimble's 3D surveying capabilities enable Semmel Excavating to accurately measure and map landforms, terrain features, and other features providing precise data for their clients. With Trimble's advanced software and survey equipment, Semmel Excavating can accurately identify line-of-sight and sight lines, enabling them to plan and execute their projects with maximum efficiency. The combination of Semmel's experienced team and Trimble's survey equipment and software allows them to provide top-notch surveying services that their clients can trust.

Trimble Surveying allows us to:

  • Accurately measure and map landforms

  • Provide precise date 

  • Execute projects with maximum efficiency

Trimble Surveyor
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