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Our Values

Safety Value

The key with safety is to think of it the right way.  When safety is perceived as a priority instead of a value, it can lag behind.  To have a safe working environment is to create and ensure the security of our facilities and assets by following proper safety protocols.  To excel at safety is to empower our teammates to put their safety above production and sales and not penalize the team for doing the right thing.  

Quality Value

Quality is the clearest distinctive we can offer our customers and each other.  In order to excel at our work, we must make every action, every job, and every communication the best it can possibly be.  Valuing quality means acting like our work is always under the microscope.  


Accountability is about becoming aware of the situation, good or bad, and owning the solution.  Being accountable doesn’t mean perfection, but it means that trust is shared across the team to take ownership of your actions.  Taking accountability ensures that issues can be corrected, growth can occur, and trust can be built towards overall success.  


Having integrity means having the glue that holds every other value together.  To excel at integrity means to act, speak, and deal with honor. Integrity is the rock on which we build our trust, both with each other and with our clients.  A team that acts with integrity and honor remains whole and undivided.  


To work in a team means to view others victories and struggles as your own and to respond accordingly. Helping a team member succeed at the expense of your own efficiency is an acceptable response all the time. 

Continuous Improvement Value

To excel at continuous improvement is to be able to look back one year, one week, or even one day and clearly see improvement from one to the next.  No team member is expected to be an expert in every way, but everyone is expected to inch closer every day.  When one individual gets better, the whole team gets better.  

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